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Teaching opportunities avaliable:
For more information about job opportunities at Midwest Edge Dance Academy
please email the Director, Michelle Masciopinto:


Midwest Edge Dance Academy is committed to providing your child with quality dance training. Here at Midwest Edge you will find highly-skilled instructors who encourage dancers to express themselves, learn discipline and responsibility, and have fun!

Midwest Edge staff encourages dancers to develop a positive self image. Each dancer is valued and will have the opportunity to explore dance with a qualified, nurturing staff member. Our preschool and school-age programs are designed to give children a solid dance education, stimulate creativity, promote healthy minds and bodies, and instill a life-long passion for the art of dance.

Midwest Edge encourages dancers to be well-rounded. We teach our children to appreciate all types of dance and approach each style and instructor with an open mind. Midwest Edge provides a safe and enriched environment for your dancer. When your child leaves class, they will feel appreciated and empowered to not only be a better dancer, but a better person.

Directions to Studio

Our studio is located just past where 75th and Ogden Meet. Located in the Meadow Lakes Corporate Park, this convenient location is in between Boomer T's and Phenom Gymnastics.

Address is 3682 Prairie Lake Court, Unit B- Aurora IL.